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Beware of companies that quote you a price over the phone. Without a professional inspection of your problem it is impossible to guarantee a repair price!

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Our Warranty & Promise

When Jack Owens started Tucson Plumbing, a person was good to their word with a firm handshake and an eye-to-eye assurance. In keeping with that classic work ethic from "the good ole days," Tucson Plumbing guarantees any workmanship for two years. Plus, we hire and keep only the best plumbers who strictly adhere to our vastly superior ethical, moral and professional code.

Our commitment to integrity goes beyond how we train our employees and our warranty. It's part of something we call "tech respect" and it's a thread that runs throughout our entire operation. Uniforms, mandatory booties and drop cloths show our respect for the cleanliness of our customers' homes. It even shows up in our equipment, too. Our fleet is immaculately maintained and spotlessly clean. It's how we've always conducted ourselves and how we always will.

We maintain a database of all the homes in which we have installed plumbing. If you need warranty service or have questions about your home's plumbing warranty, just give us a call.