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Beware of companies that quote you a price over the phone. Without a professional inspection of your problem it is impossible to guarantee a repair price!

Tips & FAQ

Here's a few tips on all things plumbing.

Preventative maintenance is much easier and less costly than repairs. With just a few simple preventative measures you can save some money and extend the lifetime of your plumbing. We think these few tips can help make your life that much easier by keeping your plumbing in tip-top shape, working effortlessly day in and day out.

  1. Water filtration and conditioning systems extend the life of all fixtures and provide healthier water for drinking and bathing.
  2. Washerless faucets offer the best performance and least maintenance. Next time you have a leaky faucet, instead of replacing washers or inserts, upgrade your faucet to a center control / mix washerless variety.
  3. Shower and bathtub drains should have strainers that stop hair and soap from entering the drain. Clean strainers regularly to avoid clogs.
  4. Remove mineral deposits from your showerhead to maintain good water flow. If it is severely clogged, replace it.
  5. Don't flush Kleenex or feminine hygiene products in toilets. The paper fibers do not disintegrate like toilet tissue and can cause clogs.
  6. Maintain toilet tanks and prevent water waste by replacing the ball or flapper once a year, and upgrade to the most modern tank fill system.
  7. Don't put items like chicken skin, carrots, celery, potato or banana peels in the garbage disposal. The disposer can't properly grind them up and they may clog the drain.



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