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Tucson Plumbing knows how valuable your time is. So whether you’re a stay-at-home parent or have a hectic work schedule, we’ll do everything possible to accommodate your life and your particular repair needs.

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Tucson Plumbing starts every job with an in-person inspection before quoting a repair price. We believe in first diagnosing the full problem and understanding anything that could go wrong. We won’t give you an invoice with unexpected expenses after the job is complete. At Tucson Plumbing, we believe in mutual respect so your technician will always call before arriving at your scheduled time. Our policy requires that an adult, preferably the home or business owner, is present before our technician enters your premises.

Our Services

  • Kitchen and bathroom faucets, under sink pipes
  • Garbage disposals
  • Toilet tank and seal at floor
  • Water supply lines
  • Fixture shut off valves


  • Slow sewer and drain cleaning
  • Airgap installation
  • Air admittance valves

Replacement / Installation

  • Faucets: Repair, replacement, upgrades
  • Bathroom: Toilet installation and upgrades, reset toilets, flushing hardware upgrades, sinks and faucets upgrades and installs
  • Kitchen: Sink installation, fixtures, and drainage assembly installation and replacement
  • Laundry: washer hook-ups, valve replacements, and rinse tub installation
  • Water heater: Installation, electric element replacement, sacrificial anode replacement, emergency relief valve check, instant hot water recirculation pumps installation
  • Garbage Disposer: installation, unjamming, and replacement
  • Outside plumbing: faucets, landscaping and pond/fountain supply line repair and installation

Water Treatment

  • Softener installation, service, replacement
  • Purification system installation
  • Filter replacement

Committed to Excellence

Tucson Plumbing