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Tucson Plumbing is your trusted source for clean, filtered, conditioned, softened water systems, ensuring that you and your family have access to clean and healthy water throughout your home. Our qualified staff can help assist you in finding the right system that best suits your needs.

Don’t let labels fool you.  Soft water is water without calcium. Other products may claim they have softening capabilities but without the ion exchange with salt or potassium, it is not soft water and will leave white spots on sinks, fixtures and shower doors along with cloudy glasses and dishes.

Water Softening:


Why Go With a Water Softener?

Water Filtration

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Water Conditioning

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Water Conditioning Options

Why Green Nac? – Click to learn more

  • Doesn’t need electricity
  • No wasted water no regeneration
  • Water bottle quality at every tap
  • Removes existing scale in pipes
  • Calcium and magnesium still in water as healthy mineral
  • Transforms dissolved hardness into harmless microscopic crystals that don’t latch on to pipes
  • Minimal maintenance to system. Low cost filter change out only once a year, media change after five years.

Nuvoh2o Filtration System

  • Doesn’t need electricity
  • No wasted water, no regeneration
  • Removes existing scale in pipes
  • Calcium and magnesium still in water as healthy mineral
  • Bonds calcium and magnesium making them incapable of sticking to pipes and surfaces
  • Can mount to exterior wall and insulate from exposure
  • Filter is citrus based
  • You can add a system that adds carbon filter for clean tasty water

Where Do These Systems Get Installed?

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