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Beware of companies that quote you a price over the phone. Without a professional inspection of your problem it is impossible to guarantee a repair price!

Water Conditioning

It's no secret - Tucson has hard water. "Hard" refers to a high mineral content in our water that is not considered harmful to our health, but can cause challenges around our homes ranging from unsightly cloudiness on our dishes and shower glass to potentially damaging limescale build-up in water heaters.

Tucson Plumbing can install a conventional water softener, or better yet, a low maintenance system that uses no electricity, no backwashing and is safe for every fixture in your home.

Call us today to discuss the best options for handling hard water in your home.

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Water Filtration/Conditioning and Reverse Osmosis

Our company’s mission is to help families enjoy cleaner, safer, better tasting water in an environmentally friendly way.

Are you drinking and bathing in chlorine?

How Carbon Series Works

Water Softener Media Presentation

How Whole House Filtration Works

How NaturSoft® Works

Cartridge Softeners: Water is a basic necessity. But what about the difference between hard water and softened water? Softened water will keep your plumbing, appliances, water heater, fixtures, dishes and shower doors scale free. It will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. And it will help you save money because your water heater and appliances will work more efficiently and you will use fewer detergents and soaps. Read more at www.nuvoh2o.com


You'll notice the difference the first time you bathe or shower with softened water. Soft water feels noticeably smooth to the skin. It also makes your home easy to clean by reducing hard-water build-up. Read more at geappliances.com

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